Newspoll Market Research is an Australian company providing opinion polling and other market research services. Established in 1985 by News Limited and Yann Campbell Hoare Wheeler, it conducts continuous data gathering and analysis and customised studies over telephone, internet, and via focus groups. They also produce a telephone omnibus at least once-weekly and online twice a month. Its frequent voter opinion surveys are published in The Australian.


Roy Morgan

Roy Morgan is the oldest of the major Australian polling companies. Formed in 1941 it used to conduct its political polling as part of the Gallup organisation. Gallup was the first modern pollster. The company is currently run by Gary Morgan and conducts political research as well as general polling. Its quantitative political polling used to be exclusively based on face to face interviews, but more recently it has been conducting a large proportion of this research using telephone interviews.


A C Nielsen

Arthur C Nielsen founded the company in 1923. Nielsen invented a retail-measurement technique that gave clients information about competitive performance and the impact of their marketing and sales programs on revenues and profits. He also founded Nielsen Media Research which is a major supplier of TV audience results. Nielsen, Morgan and Newspoll are the three most prominent Australian research companies in measuring political trends.



Galaxy is the newest of the major Australian pollsters. Run by David Briggs it publishes political polls in the News Corporations tabloid newspapers. 


Essential Media

Essential Media


The Gallup

Pew Institute

The Pew Institute

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