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Neck and neck in June 2021

Our research might be best summed-up by saying that we wouldn’t want to be where Scott Morrison is now, but neither would we want to be where Anthony Albanese is either.

Exit poll Queensland 2020

This survey was designed to capture what people were thinking about the time they were casting their vote. We leave the survey open for the day of the election, plus two days afterwards. This is to try to shield responses from the various justifications that will be paraded in the media by interested parties after the election.

Final Week Queensland Election 2020

This is a snapshot of what was happening at the beginning of this last week of the campaign and I have not provided detailed analysis.

COVID-19 and Queensland election

Annastacia Palaszczuk’s tough border policies are winning support from up to three quarters of Queenslanders but that might not be enough in itself to clinch the October 31 election with the economy and climate change rated more than twice as important as vote changers.

Queensland Election Preview 2020

We have released the results of our first polling on the 2020 Queensland election. You can download it by clicking here.

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First poll shows Rudd resurgent

This post is a reproduction of the Morgan Media release. Morgan has conducted an SMS poll of voters. I'm unclear on the methodology, and the track record, so the result should be treated cautiously.


-1 #1 RE: First poll shows Rudd resurgentLes 2017-03-12 08:56
Best that has happened to WA, a return of an ALP Government & we need to win again in QLD.

Congrats to the WA ALP on a marvellous victory
0 #2 RE: First poll shows Rudd resurgentCheryl 2018-08-05 21:37
Rudd proved himself to be a pompous fool

ANZ Job Ads September 2011

The ANZ Job Ads Index for September shows a decline month-on-month and a deceleration in growth year on year. If you're wondering how this could be, it means that year-on-year only looks good because of the growth in the earlier part of the year.

A more likely Katter figure

"Win over Ashgrove voters? Can Do" according the the Brisbane Times and a poll by ReachTEL, meaning that Campbell Newman is likely to win Ashgrove with a substantial margin.

Polling question concocted to show Katter on 25%

A Galaxy poll reported in The Courier Mail yesterday said that Bob Katter's Australian Party could possibly score 25% of the vote at the next state election. The question is poorly worded and the result almost certainly wrong.

Home loan arrears

My colleague John Black has done some interesting analysis of home loan arrears which could go some way to explaining why Labor is in trouble in Queensland more than most other states - because it picks Queensland as a home arrears hotspot.

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