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We're currently polling on what Australians think about our federal leaders, including some of the possible alternatives. The poll closes at midday (EST) on Thursday 21 February. 



-1 #1 RE: Federal leadershipKathryn 2013-03-03 10:35
My vote will go to Julia Gillard because I am (absolutely) NOT impressed by Tony Abbott who has not got an ounce of credibility! I also believe that BOB CARR would make an outstanding LEADER - he is well educated, sophisticated and articulate and, unlike Abbott, would NOT be an embarrassment on the world stage.
0 #2 LeadershipMary 2013-03-21 22:00
My vote is for Julia Gillard who has shown guts & determination when she has the media & just about everything else against her.. The alternative will be far worse with the Abbott mob!!!! Also it is about time the media gave Labor a fairer run.. Talk about bias! The "non-spill" event was purely driven by the media.. Media need to put Abbott"s policies under scrutiny for a change.
-3 #3 My Voice, My VoteToni 2013-06-01 21:16
My Vote goes to ALP and Ms Gillard. I want my super to grow, I want my grandchildren to have the best education, I want my brother in law with brain damage to have a brighter future, I want my families business to have the best NBN to help them thrive in the world and I want Tony Abbott to stop downing my country. We have thrived in a world that has fallen. We are strong, we have survived very well with the GFC and LNP had nothing to do with it.
-3 #4 remember the pastrex o. 2013-06-27 08:56
look abbotts lot all negative[no/no/ no]is all they know,no policies,no future direction for our school kids,take all off the worker,who has fought/negociat ed for what we have.makes me shudder to think if the LNP,were in power when economic crisis hit,they even winged about the stimilious package.=GOD HELP US.=
-1 #5 this seems to be out of date!Rob 2014-11-09 16:21
0 #6 A/ProfKlaas Woldring 2016-06-07 15:43
Australia has to change governance systems. The current electoral system grossly favours the major parties; the Westminster system produces functionally amateur Governments because Government can only chosen from elected MPs, a very small group; federation has to be replaced by an essentially two-tier system, national and local government; the Constitution is archaic and blocks any sensible attempt at change due to section 128 provisions and the two-party adversity; want to improve industrial relations? Try introducing workplace democracy.
Resolve the refugee nonsense? Approve them in other countries (esp Indonesia) and fly them here in Hercules. No business for people smugglers. Has been suggested to the Expert Panel but not acted on.

NONE OF THESE ISSUES ARE RAISED IN THIS ELECTION or in this survey for that matter!