Business accepts need for climate change

Matthew Tukaki, the CEO of SansGov, has released the first in a series of business surveys dealing with climate change policies and how they impact business. Conducted over a period of two weeks with a total number of 692 respondents, the survey shows significant gaps between proposed Government policies and on the ground implementation.

  • Survey covered 692 businesses categorized as small, medium or enterprise
  • 64% of respondents are not clear on what the impacts of an Emissions Trading Scheme or a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme will be on them (or their industry)
  • 78% of respondents believe that not enough is being done to explain the key policies or their potential impacts
  • 63% of respondents believe that the Australian economy does not have the adequate number of green skills to manage an ETS implementation or its aftermath
  • 59% of organisations are moving ahead with the implementation of their own carbon reduction programs
  • 76% of respondents also don’t understand or are confused by what the Opposition means as direct action

 To read the whole release, click here (PDF 126kb).

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