Gillard's popularity surges - Morgan

Gary Morgan reports that Julia Gillard's approval rating has surged in the last month jumping 18 points to 58% against a disapproval of only 26%. Tony Abbott's approval has dropped 6 points to 42% and his disapproval increased 7 points to 48%.

Gillard's approval is highest with women and Abbott's is highest with men. They both seem to do better with younger people.

Morgan also polls for preferred leader of the two major parties and finds Gillard preferred over Rudd by 68% over 21%. This is a substantial change over the last two months when it was Rudd 34% to 26%.

There is bad news for Abbott as Malcolm Turnbull is the preferred Liberal leader with 29% support over both Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey who each have 24% support. Amongst Liberal voters Tony Abbott is the clear leader with 44% support.

64% of Australians also want asylum seekers returned and told to apply through normal channels.

Morgan hasn't reported any figures for support for the various parties.

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0 #1 It bothers me that no-one is showing anyRonda Herrmann 2010-07-23 17:11
It bothers me that no-one is showing any awareness of electing senators. Voters need to be reminded that they can vote for more than one party on polling day.