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Labor maintains lead - Morgan

The latest Roy Morgan survey shows no statistically significant change in support for any political party since the previous poll. If an election had been held the last weekend of February and the first weekend of March Labor would likely have won 55.5% of the vote.

Morgan also reported a statistically insignificant decline in their consumer confidence index.

The polling figures were taken before Tony Abbott's parental allowance announcement, and also before the government's admission that they have no idea how big the home insulation debacle is. The Liberals have been showing signs of exuberance about their chances at the next election, but it may merely be hubris.

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0 #1 The Polls are trapped as everyone else iSherkahn 2010-03-20 09:43
The Polls are trapped as everyone else is at present by the dire lack of any viable or attractive Political Parties.
The Lib/Nats are a vulgar bunch of larrikins who with their leader may attract the 'God-Awful' creationists. While the ALP, at any other time in the history of Australian Politics, would get thoroughly trounced, may stagger through.
The Greens, though they will make many gains, fouled up by supporting Abbot's Maternal leave nonsense.
My prediction is that the "Stable Population Party" and the "Australia First Party" will make ripples due to DEEP unease about Migration policies.