Nielsen confirms Newspoll

Last week Newspoll reported a dramatic slump in support for the government. This week it was Nielsen's turn. Newspoll executives must feel vindicated as many in the political class had suggested their poll was a "rogue" one. The discontent with the PM has been there for a while, but is now readily visible.

The Nielsen poll shows Labor and Coalition even after preferences, Newspoll gives the edge to the Coalition by 2 percentage points. Nielsen shows the Prime Minister with a negative net approval rating of 4 (49 negative less 45 positive), which is lower than the Opposition Leader's (46 positive less 45 negative). Newspoll is not dissimilar, and our own qualitative results are in similar territory.

Nielsen also polled on the proposed Resource Super Profits Tax and found 47 percent opposed, 44 percent in favour and 9 percent undecided.

Depending on how they framed the question these are similar results to ours.

We polled on the new Resource Super Profits Tax last week and found 50% support, 40% opposition and 10% neither opposed nor supporting. Examination of those in the middle showed most were negative towards the tax. You can read the analysis here.

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