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December 2011
Cruisey Can Do must do better in Queensland election
Sunday, 18 December 2011 17:05 | Written by Graham Young

The LNP appears to be cruising to victory at next year's state election, but maybe they are a bit too cruisy – it's not as good as it looks.

On the surface they have every reason to be relaxed. Surveys of our online virtual focus groups say that only 10% of voters expect Labor to win the next election; that around 60% of them are going to vote directly or indirectly for the LNP; and that only 53% of those who voted Labor last time want Labor to win this time.

Labor in deficit on surplus
Thursday, 08 December 2011 17:32 | Written by Graham Young

On balance Wayne Swan's sliver of surplus spent far more political capital than it saved. Australians have a nuanced view of government spending, understand that times are difficult, and aren't too concerned whether the government achieves a surplus or not.

Budget surplus - the Qual
Thursday, 08 December 2011 16:59 | Written by Graham Young

The qualitative research shows respondents very much split between those who think the surplus has to give way to world events, and those who think paying back public debt is more urgent. As we see all the time debt is a concern for Liberal voters, and so not surprisingly they are the ones supporting a surplus on this basis most strongly.

Budget surplus - the Quants
Wednesday, 07 December 2011 22:36 | Written by Graham Young

In last week's Mid-Year Economic and Financial Outlook statement Wayne Swan promised to bring the budget back into surplus. How important is this promise to voters? We asked our panel and had 921 responses and apparently it is not that important at all.