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May 2009
Infrastructure the runaway favourite for budget
Tuesday, 12 May 2009 18:21 | Written by Graham Young

Can Wayne Swan justify a $50B deficit? It's a meaningless question in isolation. If he spends it on things that the public wants, then it will be justified. According to our polling about the only thing that the treasurer ought to consider spending on is infrastructure. According to our poll 74% rate infrastructure as the first or second most important thing that government should do. The next most popular are spending on social services on an anaemic 37% and means testing welfare on 35%.

Coalition improves and Turnbull tanks
Monday, 11 May 2009 19:11 | Written by Graham Young

According to the results of our May Omnibus poll, the Coalition is improving its vote, but its leader is less popular than ever.

On our First Preference Index, which seeks to measure the vote against a base of September 2008, Labor is at 98, which means slightly less popular than September last year, the Liberal Party is 120, substantially up, while the Greens are marginally up on 106.

May 2009 poll
Wednesday, 06 May 2009 07:51 | Written by Graham Young

We've just posted our latest omnibus poll. It is at http://polling.nationalforum.com.au/index.php?sid=83176〈=en.

We're looking at our usual political questions to see how the issues are changing, and checking attitudes to a few current issues.

We should start publishing parts of the research early next week.