How do I feel about the G20 and my vote?

Certainly our respondents, as indicated in the qual, were unimpressed from the point of view of the affect the announcement Brisbane will host the G20 will have on their vote.

Those who were much less likely to vote Labor as a result of the announcement cited "waste" and "opportunism" as in this quote:

Its a knee-jery reaction to try to shore up votes in Qld. What good do these very expensive meetings do for anyone?

While those on the other hand who were more likely actually tended to avoid the announcement altogether saying that other issues were more important. There was also a little bit of state chauvinism:

I am a Queenslander

Some respondents pondered why I would ask this question.

Many reasons to vote against ALP, why should hosting the G20 affect my assessment?  P5 is a strange question.

The reason for asking the question is that it seemed likely a large number of respondents would think it was political, and they did. Reading the responses gave me some idea of the feedback that Labor backbenchers must be receiving about the PM as they door knock their electorates.


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