Leximancer concept maps

One of the ways that Leximancer displays the information is as concept maps, like the ones in the preceding post.

On the concept maps:

  • The brightness of the concept is related to its frequency (i.e. the brighter the concept, the more often it appears in the text)
  • The brightness of links connecting concepts relates to how often the two connected concepts co-occur closely within the text
  • Nearness in the map indicates that two concepts appear in similar conceptual contexts (i.e. they co-occur with similar other concepts)
  • Coloured circles with names surround local clusters of concepts. These are called themes, and form around highly connected concepts which are parents of thematic clusters. While not essential, the colour of the theme gives an indication of the connectedness of its parent concept.
  • A set of pathways connecting concepts on the map. The pathways navigate the most likely path in conceptual space between concepts, and help you to interpret the map.
Source Leximancer manual

To really make sense of these maps you need to look at the content in the actual text, which is what I do before interpreting them.

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