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Survey of Wide Bay electorate
  1. Only 29% say they understand an ETS.
  2. Only 7% thought the ETS was the best way to reduce carbon emissions while 44% were unsure.
  3. 67% think that the ETS will lead to industry relocating to other countries.
  4. Only 12% thought we should implement an ETS immediately, while a hard core 23% (twice as many) thought it should only be implemented if every country is in, and a further 40% thinking either that China, India, Brazil and Indonesia should be in, or other developed countries such as the US, Canada and Japan.
This was not a hard right sample. If you look at the figures on taxation only 26% wanted tax cuts. It would be much higher if the sample was too heavily skewed to the right.

It is also not a sample that "denies" human induced global warming 72% thought climate change was either man-made or a combination of man and nature. (Again that figure is consonant with other polling around).

I was surprised to see that those supporting and opposed to nuclear power were almost equal - 39% support, 40% oppose.

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