Gender gulf amongst swingers

I've just isolated all those people who have changed their two-party preferred vote from one side to the other, or from undecided to one side or the other. While the sample is small (95) it does tell a credible story.

But first the table so you can make sense of it yourselves first.




When you look at this table you need to bear in mind that if someone is listed as preferencing the Coalition, then they are someone who in the first poll we took said they were either preferencing Labor or were undecided. The same applies in reverse.

What this table suggests is very little movement in the younger groups but a pronounced swing to Labor amongst women 55-64 and from Liberal to Labor amongst males 45-54, but a reversal of this amongst men 65 and older. Looking at the totals of the columns women have settled for Labor strongly in this sample, while the men are even between Liberal and Labor.


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0 #1 This merely reflect the social mores of Peter Francis 2010-08-16 08:20
This merely reflect the social mores of the various generations. The younger generation were brought up with more egalitarian views, whilst the early baby boomer's and before were brought up with the attitude that a woman's place was at home bare footed and pregnant, as virtual slave to the master of the house. I am fortunate to fit that demographic, only difference. I was raised by a feminist ahead of her time.
0 #2 What a non issue. Gillard could be male,Patricia 2010-08-16 12:45
What a non issue. Gillard could be male, female, eunoch- I dislike her intensely- as I do Abbott. Their gender is irrelevant. Their lack of principle and ability to make Australia- and the world- a better place is the real issue.

Male- female- who gives a fig?
0 #3 It just goes to show you that the older Tristram 2010-08-16 13:04
It just goes to show you that the older generations have the ability to see more clearly the real issues and their effect on the country. I some what feel that the women are swayed by the fact in Gillard being female. Now if Gillard was in the Liberal camp I would still go against policies expressed by her.
0 #4 Just proves menopause makes stupid womenmareeS 2010-08-16 21:10
Just proves menopause makes stupid women more stupid.

BTW, I'm female, post the menopausal age, and simply cannot believe any sensible woman in Australia with a functioning brain would spend 20cents on the Wimmens Weekly Julia spread. But there you go, people do these insane things.

They may even vote for Ms Gillard as PM. Anything's possible.
0 #5 I would have liked to see a woman of subAntoinette 2010-08-16 22:28
I would have liked to see a woman of substance become the prime minister of Australia in her own right but the way Gillard came to power is really on the nose. I don't trust in anything she says, nor in the policies Labor has presented. Mind you Liberal have not done much better, other than to bash Labor, they have not presented anything major. I think I will vote for an independent.
0 #6 I hear what's being said here; gender isIgnaz 2010-08-16 23:44
I hear what's being said here; gender is irrelevant whereas policy and leadership through moral standing is missing fromn both Gillard and Abbott. I'll take a punt on The Greens this time round; I reckon they put their beliefs right out front for all to see and they are certainly inspirational on many issues (notably combatting climate change and treating asylum seekers as humans, not 'nigger' cargo).
0 #7 For those of you who do not trust Julia,wotnext 2010-08-17 11:58
For those of you who do not trust Julia, there are plenty of us who are equally suspicious of Tony. I agree with Ignaz, there is a marked lack of moral standing on both sides and also of the dignity that comes from a genuine humility.