Labor slides four points since election called

As we do these polls for qualitative rather than quantitative reasons I wouldn't swear that this is the result, but it is interesting that the samples are consistent enough to more or less mirror what is happening in the polls which are designed to do quantitative analysis.

This is the table with the first preference votes from the total sample:



The only significant movements have been in the Liberal and Labor votes. Rounding accounts for the difference betwen -3% and +4%.

This is reflected in the two-party preferred vote.


At the same time there is a much faster deterioration in Julia Gillard's position as preferred Prime Minister.


And an even faster one in her approval ratings.


Which is almost equalled by the increase in Tony Abbott's approvals.


While 59% of our sample would vote Labor on a two-party preferred basis they disapprove of Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott almost equally. Abbott polarises voters a bit more with slightly more in the "strongly approve" and "strongly disapprove" categories and a few less in the "neither approve nor disapprove" and "unsure" categories.

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0 #1 Foisting Gillard, of the infamous "IsraePatricia 2010-08-16 12:49
Foisting Gillard, of the infamous "Israel has to protect itself as it committed war crimes, onto Australians was a bad move. She will be bottom on my list because of her support of a nation that committs war crimes. Yes, Abbott is no better; but we expected more from the ALP with Rudd- she has lowered the bar to the floor.