Labor wins broadband and parental leave

Two of the most prominent policies in this election where the major parties go head to head are broadband and parental leave. Parental leave is particularly significant as it was formulated by Tony Abbott over the heads of his colleagues.

The parental leave policies are symbolic of the caring and nurturing sides of the political parties, while the broadband policies are symbolic of their views of the future.

The parental leave gamble doesn't appear to have paid-off for Abbott. The table below (click on it for a larger version) dissects support by voting allegiance. It is mainly the Liberals and Nationals that support Abbott's policy, although more than half of them are neutral. Analysis by age and gender shows that there is a bit more support for Abbott's policy from younger women with children, but not enough to offset their support for Labor's policy.


Your responses show that Abbott's  promise was just to large and most of you don't believe it will be delivered, or if it is, that it will continue to be delivered.

The NBN is a positive initiative from the government and it seems to have caught the public imagination. While 50% of respondents weren't attracted one way or the other by the parental leave schemes, only 16% were neutral on broadband. It seems to be a must have infrastructure accessory for the 21st century.




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0 #1 The NBN is the only really visionary polJohn Hudman 2010-08-19 09:10
The NBN is the only really visionary policy in this election grab bag of lies, damned lies, hypocrisy and political opportunism. Given that we have progressed from the agrarian to the industrial and now to the knowledge economy the NBN represents a step into the future. The Liberal policy is a retrograde step.