Policy bombshell has backfired

You can read the whole article by clicking here. An extract gives you some idea where the article is heading.

Parental leave was the issue that was going to show he [Abbott] had moved with the times and was going to appeal to as broad a cross-section of women as possible, right up into the professional ranks, where much of the soft-Left and Greens vote hides.

Our polling says that not only has this strategy failed, it has rebounded on Abbott.

He's taken Labor on in welfare, a field in which it is seen as being strong, left it unscathed, and in the process damaged himself on the economy, an area in which the Liberals have credibility.

When we asked our 2151 respondents earlier this week to choose between the government's parental leave scheme and the opposition's, most went for the government's.

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0 #1 The Labor Party policy for parental leavMary Sharah 2010-08-20 18:04
The Labor Party policy for parental leave is much more believable.
I firmly believe the Liberal Party plan is pie in te sky stuff, which will be impossible because Abbott and mates will say 'It's simply not possible because of Labor's debt' or some other excuse.
The Liberal party have simply no concept (apparently) that broadband is building for the future.
They really aren't very bright, with the exception of Malcolm Turnbull.
What worries me is that the National Party seem to accept the Liberal plan.
0 #2 If most went for the Labor scheme (whichJohn Peach 2010-08-20 20:35
If most went for the Labor scheme (which is actually in place & not an election policy anyhow) I do not believe you have anything like a 50/50 spread of contributors. The Labor scheme is wholly funded by the taxpayer, which amounts to taxpayers paying part of private employees wages/benefits.
This is not the realm of taxpayers & Labor's scheme is economically, morally & structurally unsound.
The Coalition scheme is to be funded by industry & this is economically correct. Labor seems to have no idea of what the taxpayer should be burdened with & appears to be buying votes with public money!
I therefore call your result here very biassed & not legitimate.
0 #3 John which ever one you look at us the tPeter Car 2010-08-21 10:21
John which ever one you look at us the taxpayer will pay for it either way But by less under Labor