Why we think the education system is failing us

What I discovered reading the qual is that while we asked whether the education system met the state's needs, most of the responses actually talked about the quality of the education system and what people liked, or disliked, about it. It was mostly dislike.

Even those people who agreed that it did meet our needs had criticisms to make.

The Leximancer map is hard to read this time (many respondents tell me it is always hard to read, but this time more so than most).

Education Serves State Qual Thumb


Teachers are at the heart of the map, so it is clear that respondents see them, rather than physical infrastructure and other resources, as being the key. One thing that you see on this map that you don't often see is that "Disagree" and "Strongly disagree" are on opposite sides. That is because "Disagree" is most likely to be associated with LNP voters, while "Strongly disagree" is associated with Greens voters.

Greens voters in particular have a problem with funding of private schools by the state. LNP voters think money is spent unwisely on education, are concerned about the curriculum and PC attitudes, and feel that basic skills aren't being taught. There is also concern about poor standards of teaching, and problems with specific subjects, such as science.

Labor voters are more satisfied than any other group, but it was hard to pick up any theme other than a belief that the system is working.

I've put the verbatims below related to the themes on the map.


THEME: teachers

(teachers, school, children, teaching, skills, learning, basic)



(Hits: 69)

First_Pref: grn

Education_meets_needs: agree

don't know what effect the recent sacking of teachers will have.


(Hits: 59)

And 12 weeks off for teachers plus pupil free days does not match the communities holidays. Students at our local high school get no more than 24 hours face to face time for learning and that includes hobbies.



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First_Pref: lnp

Education_meets_needs: disagree

I feel that there is too much ’paperwork’ - endless filling out of forms to justify educational expenses and new systems of educational strategy wastes teacher's time. Also, children are certainly prepared for the new technological age, but teachers are now asked to teach morality, ethics and manners - and that's OK, but the family should also be involved in this part of children's lives - not just blame others ( their child is perfect ?


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First_Pref: alp

Education_meets_needs: agree

there will always be room for improvement in educational standards. While this government has been very supportive of improving the facilities, the teaching programs, the professional development of teachers and administrators there is yet room for more to be done.


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First_Pref: lnp

Education_meets_needs: disagree

It is not meeting the needs because the teachers do not have the skills needed as teachers in the past have had


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First_Pref: other

Education_meets_needs: disagree

It does not give a sequential education approach to education- there is no link really between the grades and the syllabus is so wishy washy that children depend on their teachers to interpret it in a manner that will give them some worthwhile educational input. Most teachers coming out do not have a clue about sequencing learning.


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First_Pref: lnp

Education_meets_needs: disagree

Many children leave school without the basic skills to become competent employees & some teachers seem inadequately educated themselves.

THEME: education

(education, students, needs, parents, kids, work)



(Hits: 100)

First_Pref: ff

Education_meets_needs: agree

Queensland does not appear to be lagging behind others states as far as education goes.


(Hits: 38)

First_Pref: undecided

Education_meets_needs: disagree

The educators try to give a basic and balanced education but fail because of several reasons. One of the basic is that all students have different learning styles.


(Hits: 33)

First_Pref: lnp

Education_meets_needs: neutral

Different communities have different needs, for example is schoolyard bullying part of the education problem? Is distance education recognised by future employers?


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First_Pref: lnp

Education_meets_needs: agree

A great system for those who are motivated to receive an education. I suspect that those who fail to not take advantage of opportunities are not being encouraged by their parents.


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First_Pref: lnp

Education_meets_needs: strongly_agree

State education, other than a safety net (low standard), should be abolished. It is parent's responsibility to provide education, healthcare, for their kids not the taxpayer.


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First_Pref: lnp

Education_meets_needs: agree

There is a lot of good work being put into education in Qld. Particularly in Catholic Primarary and Secdondary Schools.

THEME: schools

(schools, private, funding, resources, better)



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First_Pref: alp

Education_meets_needs: agree

Education is freely available and affordable with plenty of variety in schools to choose from


(Hits: 25)

First_Pref: alp

Education_meets_needs: agree

Both of my sons attended good State schools and I believe their education was not compromised compared to friends who set their kids to private schools. However, many state schools located in deprived regions face difficulties, and all state schools must take all within their intake region including large numbers of migrants from troubled countries.


(Hits: 27)

Our schools should not have to grovel for funding.



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First_Pref: alp

Education_meets_needs: agree

great schools struggling to deliver excellent programs with insufficient resources


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First_Pref: alp

Education_meets_needs: agree

Needs much better resourcing, especially for students with special needs, rural and remote, behaviour management, facilities upgrades, maintenance etc...especially in state schools

THEME: system

(system, job)


(Hits: 57)

manners, conscience and moral code, then the current system can cope!!!!


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First_Pref: lnp

Education_meets_needs: agree

I think that our education system, is overall, doing a sound job of achieving what its meant to do. Whilst there is also scope for improvement, simply throwing ever more money at it doesn't necessarily make for significant improvements.

THEME: money

(money, curriculum)



(Hits: 23)

It is fundamentally about ideology and money.



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First_Pref: bkap

Education_meets_needs: disagree

political meddling in curriculum. politiucal correctness sanitises events, historicaL or otherwise eg aboriginal status, anzacs.

THEME: time



(Hits: 17)

Many are functionally illiterate and have been taught how to waste time and squander resourses

THEME: teacher



(Hits: 18)

Schools are underfunded administratively with Funding for PD opportunities and teacher illness Woefully inadequate. Class sizes continue to be over limit.

THEME: lack



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First_Pref: lnp

Education_meets_needs: neutral

it has some very favorable aspects yet suffers from lack of character training, initiatives for individuals to excel and is controlled by much left wing thinking.

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