Most important issue: Qld Nov 09


The table was generated using Leximancer.

"Economy" has fallen from 24% just before the election to 9% now, and "jobs" which was 19% then is not even on the scale now. That corroborates the improvement in confidence that is being measured by other polls, including the CEO Financial Index, which we compile for the CEO Institute.

"Health" has also declined in relevance, although it is still the number two issue. "Water" is number one, probably reflecting the high temperatures and the lack of water in some parts of the state. "Infrastructure" has also increased in importance.

The "government" is an issue now, when it wasn't during the election campaign, and population also debuts, gaining 20% of mentions. No wonder the government has set-up a committee to look at development in the south-east corner.

"Assets" is also a new concept, reflecting the unpopularity of the government's decision to sell assets. "Management" is also an issue when it wasn't earlier in the year.

The Leximancer Map shows how the issues are grouped according to voting intention (click on it for a larger version).


This shows that Liberal voters are most closely linked to the debt and question the premier's leadership on the economy. They are also concerned about the government. Health is right in the middle. It is those still voting Labor who are most concerned about population, climate change and water.

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0 #1 CommentJack 2009-12-14 17:44
What amazes me about the Most Important Issues is where the environment sits in both surveys, ie, 10% and 6% respectively. It is not an issue for Queenslanders?