Public Health Survey - 467 and climbing

Our health survey is soaring away - 467 responses so far and climbing. The more responses we get, the more attention decision makers will pay. Can't tell you any of the results - it might skew the responses you give us - but there are some great insights there. Thanks to those who've responded so far, and if you know any Queenslanders with an opinion, tell them to go to and complete the questionnaire. We've also had to reschedule our session until next week. That means that we've extended our deadline until this Friday.

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0 #1 CommentColin Cooney 2006-02-21 23:39
The public health system is in cahos because of the decisions of public servants to put curfews on opperating hours & not allow anything to commence that will not be completed by 5pm unless it is a dire emergency. This often has theatres finishing early as they refuse to allow overtime because it might effect the bottom line & make them look bad in the eyes of their political bosses. There is too much idle time in theatres & so the waiting list grows
0 #2 CommentMartin 2006-04-01 16:08
There is a lot of blame to share around.

1. Peter Beattie has had a couple of "dud's" in charge of health - I hope Stephen Robinson will do a much better job - and this resulted in getting Doctors, Nurses and all other Helath workers off-side;

2. Bureaucrats in QLD Health need sacking over their deliberate misrepresentati on (and in many cases altering) facts supplied by "front-line" workers to successive Ministers to show the exact opposite;

3. Hospital Managers who threaten staff with legal action or loss of jobs as they do not accept their mismanagement should be routed out of the system;

4. The notion of giving Managers bonuses for coming in under budget etc. should be scrapped - no Public Servant should be paid bonuses; and

5. Lawrence Springborg (Nationals) and Dr. Bruce Flegg (Liberals) have blood all over their hands by doing nothing - absolutely nothing - to get their mates in Canberra to provide extra funds to the States to fix the Health problem as they want the problem to continue so they can get some short term advantage over incumbement State Governments.How can they sleep at nights??

What we need is Statesmen like performances from our politicians (especially from Springborg, Flegg and the Liberals candidate in Barron River)- instead all we get is some scummie politicians who will say and do anything just to get elected - bugger the common good!