Some New Year suggestions from Stanley Corbett

Lots happening at the moment in state and local politics. The stellar rise of Anna Bligh to the position of Treasurer in additional to her Deputy premier and Ministerial positions has come a surprise and possibly 12 months earlier than most people thought.. The sudden and unexpected resignation of the Logan City Council Mayor, John Freeman, came as a shock this week. John was busy with Australia Day activities last week and there was no hint of his stepping down. The reasons for his decision could be interesting. Our local battle, Forestdale versus the Queensland Rail over the destruction of local bushland for creation of a rail terminal continues. There have been some strange internal battles between QR and the EPA since 2000 over this land. My favourite subject, misplaced water restrictions continues to grow. The governments plans to place weirs and dams on rivers is doomed to failure if farmers are allowed to pump the water out before it flows to the wall. All the best for WhatthePeopleWant over the next 12 months.

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0 #1 CommentPhil West 2006-02-03 11:22
Perhaps you could explain why you believe you, & the people of Brisbane, are entitled to,
1/ Come out to my district.
2/ Build dams, to harvest my water.
3/ Pump it to Brisbane to waste in your toilets, or on your gardens.
4/ Leave us with out water to conduct our business.
5/ Offer no compensation for sending us broke, by taking our water.
I supply all my own domestic water by catching it off my roof, & storing it in my own tanks, & pumping it with my own pumps. Why can't you do the same? What is so special about you, that you are entitled to have my water run out of your tap?
0 #2 CommentEngerwawn 2009-01-24 05:44
People should not accept the guilt trip that we are 'imposing our views' on other people. Because frankly speaking, from my own observation of my peers, I don't find many parents who really know their kids inside out. My only concern is this: if the family does not even support this beautiful act, who's going to?-C- Tops on the list: Go to Mariage Frere and have tea. For those aged 16-17, parental consent is necessary. Court order if 15 years of age.