It's depressing - TNS survey

A TNS survey conducted around the same time as our last federal political omnibus comes to similar conclusions. If respondents were given $1,000 surplus only $220 would be spent with the rest being saved or used to pay down debt.

TNS also finds that 57% of Australians think we are heading into a Depression, and 51% think the crisis will last another one or two years.

What this should say to politicians is that giving more money to Australians at any time in the next two years would be a very poor way to stimulate the economy because most of it will be saved. Which is what our research said.

It also makes you wonder who is advising Lawrence Springborg in Queensland. Today he claimed that Labor is "playing up the scope of the financial crisis". When 57% of your constituents are calling it a depression, they're not likely to give you marks for insight when your claim is so different from the reality they perceive. If anything, they'd probably think that Anna Bligh is being unduly optimistic when she says "Things are likely to get worse before they get better over the next 12 months".

What the Queensland polling is saying to me is that Springborg's best chance of besting Bligh is to claim that things are much worse than she is claiming, and that is why she is going early. I might need to start revising my forecast of seats to change hands! Despite claiming for months that Bligh was going to have an early election the Lib/Nats don't seem to know what their key messages should be.

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