January Omnibus - Most Important Issue

Infrastructure and Immigration are two new concepts. Infrastructure has been absent since May last year, and Immigration has never figured before since we have been doing regular quarterly polls. Some of the under-currents of the 2001 election, which featured the Tampa, have reasserted themselves. While immigration is very much a minority concern, it disproportionately tends to affect the "values" voters and conservative blue-collar voters.

Ranked Issues WPTW Omnibus January 2010

The Leximancer Map picks out a number of key themes. Climate Change is primarily associated with Labor and Greens voters. Carbon is a related issue, but whereas most people talking abut Climate Change are concerned about global warming, people talking about Carbon are more equivoval about the likely outcomes.
The Economy and Debt are the traditional haunts of Liberal voters. Money is a concern with the more fringe voters and relates to a certain extent to the government's fisal stimulus. There is a strong concern that money has been wasted.
Leximancer Map of issues WTPW Omnibus January 2010



"In the South East Queensland, the infra structure is not in place to provide adequate road, rail and potable water for the existing population. I have seen calls for a freeze on population increase and a freeze on immigration."


"the Australian economy is very fragile and the labor gov't has very deftly demonstrated they are no better than any other labor gov't at being good, knowledgable economic managers."


"Climate change; because predictions indicate a drying of the southern half where our agriculture and populations are concentrated. It's a serious issue because of the lack of action, the rising strength of the deniers who exploit every minor setback in the science without acknowledging the weight of evidence supporting it and the particular vulnerability of our country."


"Not to get sucked in to believing that we should lead the world in carbon reduction. Not to get sucked in to believing that immigration policy based upon who can pay the bullying traders the most and come here with no qualifications and no understanding of culture is good for the rest of us"


"wild un abated government spending, the liberal governments reduce debt and labour goverments spend it like drunken sailors !"


"The perceived problems relating to Al Gore's hypocritic lies on climate change, and the ox-like plodding "please the idiot's" rantings from Rudd, Wong and Garrett."


"EconomyHuge amounts of money which were held following previous government are now goneNew and higher taxes are mootedNot enough done by Rudd in health"

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0 #1 Rudd's illegal boat people each costing James 2010-04-21 20:04
Rudd's illegal boat people each costing us in excess of $100,000, most arrogant, fit young men who should be in their homeland helping fix their problems, many with a religion and culture that will not allow integration with our established Anglo Christian culture, ETS fiasco, roof insulation fiasco, school building fiasco, spending money like it's going out of fashion and now the health fiasco. Broken election promises, spin and no substance all adds up to Rudd is a dud. He and his cronies must go!
0 #2 KRudd's dream run has been orchestrated Dunstan Hartley 2010-04-21 20:50
KRudd's dream run has been orchestrated by the media which is besotted with him in a most irrational and unprofessional manner.
0 #3 I don't dislike him, I voted for him..buhelen 2010-05-04 17:20
I don't dislike him, I voted for him..but most things he touches, don't seem to turn out for the best....not enough research?