December Issues


Liberal voters are focused on getting rid of the government, and the carbon tax, lowering debt and returning to what they see as responsible government. They also express concerns about lack of leadership and the Greens. The economy is an issue for all voters, which is bad for Labor as the Liberals are viewed as better to deal with the economy.

Labor and Greens voters are interested in climate change, as well as the traditional Labor issues like education and health. There is also a sort of "unity ticket" between Greens and ALP voters on one hand and National Party and One Nation voters on the other on resources. This is the effect of coal seam gas which worries farmers and environmentally concerned voters, but for differing reasons, as well as support for a mining resource rental tax.


THEME: economy (economy, issue, policies, vote, ALP, country, party, marriage, political)

Range of issues including economic managemet, electoral reform (desparately required given the balance of power situation), tertiary education (needs to be free if we want our youth to take on further study) and agriculture (food security)

lack of sound fiscal/economic policy

ALP good record on economy and Abbott has nothing but madness

Getting the economy back on line and stopping the massive spending on failes schemes (pink bats, BER, etc) and dumping policies that will damage the economic competitiveness of the country.

This government needs to focus on our micro economy - not gay marriage.

THEME: change (change, health, term, education, environment)

same, the need for change will only get greater

climate change, growing disparity between rich and poor, education, health

most basic is climate change (long term) but in the short term it is the economy

THEME: government (government, spending, people, management)

The compentence of the government. ALP is falling short miserably at the moment.

government spending and unions that are out of control due to a week government

Whether democracy actually means government by the people.

Please hold an election next weekend! Less intrusive government, better fiscal management, and less blaming the Opposition for debacles - it just emphasises their own incompetence.

Implementing carbon price and evaluating its economic and environmental impact. Working out whether it is an effective intervention and how to finetune it.

Ensuring all Australians share in our the wealth generated by our resources

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0 #1 I wish you would print a simple list in Barb McGee 2012-02-24 14:25
I wish you would print a simple list in words, as well any pretty graphics your team finds exciting. Your graphic is very hard to read for people who are less visual and more verbal, and it does not seem to indicate any hierarchy except different sized balloons!

Thank you.
0 #2 Those wishing for a return to a repeat oDallas 2012-02-24 18:28
Those wishing for a return to a repeat of the Howard years may like to tell readers what nation building projects were undertaken by Howard. Because I can't think of one and can only assume they are quite happy to have a conservative government returned so squandering the future can resume.
0 #3 Amusing to see spelling mistakes in manyHoping for Sanity 2012-02-25 00:22
Amusing to see spelling mistakes in many of the conservative statements - makes sense that a lack of education would get in the way of any analytical view. Its hard to believe Turnbull was heading the Libs with some of the extremeness of the current dry Libs. Its becoming scarily Republican in some of those views. I suspect the effect of Murdochs increasingly polarising press is taking effect... Lets hope common sense can prevail before we become as crazy as the US!
0 #4 I would like an alternative found to theLorikeet 2012-02-25 07:06
I would like an alternative found to the Leximancer. No matter how clever we are, or how good our visual skills, reading this thing is little more than an exercise in frustration and annoyance.

I think we should have a fresh federal election called immediately, with people giving greater consideration to smaller parties and Independents.

A huge duopoly running the parliament is certainly not my idea of democracy in action.
0 #5 As far as "where are Howards big projectClive 2012-02-25 18:57
As far as "where are Howards big projects" well his Government got out if the way and let State Governments and business build what they actually needed, not use new taxes on their earnings and then ram down wastfull progects devised by people who have never had a real job out in the private sector where all the wealth is created.
Labours favourites are people who have been in academia all their lives or ex union beauracrats, who I would suggest know a hell of a lot about protected trough feeding but not much on how to generate wealth for the country and its people
0 #6 Good try Clive but Howard found using trDallas 2012-02-28 15:19
Good try Clive but Howard found using treasury coffers for good old fashioned pork barrelling didn't leave a great deal to do what the federal government should have been doing. And by the way Clive there is no "u" in Labor
0 #7 Thanks Dallas, I stand corrected. BackClive 2012-02-28 19:28
Thanks Dallas, I stand corrected.
Back when I used to hand out how to vote papers for Labor it was still a party that represented mainly manual workers and was proudly spelt Labour. Now that is just a distant memory as a lot of current members would only get real dirt under their nails is if they accidently fell over and hit the ground.
0 #8 December IssuesMary 2012-06-15 00:29
Getting rid of the government? I think there is nothing wrong with the government. What is wrong is the people in the government. Some are lack of leadership and some are corrupt.

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