Liberal and Labor votes stagnate

Our first preference index for Labor, Liberal and Greens shows Labor and Liberal back to where they were in June last year. Not quite what the latest Nielsen shows, but in line with Newspoll. All this might be explained by error margin, or when the polls were taken (ours actually dates from late last year).

This isn't necessarily good news for anyone, but it is not good news for Labor as they need something to change.

We've had a few developments since our poll, including the furore over the demonstration at the Lobby Restaurant and the heating up of Kevin Rudd's cold war for the Labor leadership.


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0 #1 Love to know how many people are actuallgretchen gamble 2012-02-24 18:13
Love to know how many people are actually "polled"in these---I don't know anyone who has ever been "Nielsened" (or any of the other polling groups)---if the number is less than 10,000 (even then its value is minimal). What is the means of contact---e-mai l/post/phone etc?---how are the questions framed? Polling so frequently (weekly?) with the purpose of getting the 24/7 news headlines, is not credible, but serves the purpose of "persuading" the readers/viewers that this is the general "feel out there", and if they want to be one of those who "belong" then they too must hold tnis point of view>
0 #2 A significant number of people (my extenSweet Chocolate 2012-02-24 22:57
A significant number of people (my extended family, colleagues, uni students) are sick of the current Gillard's Labor. Most of us will jump for the Liberals if only Turnbull was leading the party. Most people are reluctant to have Abbott as the next PM, no matter what party he belonged to. Abbott is standing in the way of the Liberal's land slide victory and a majority government
-1 #3 I prefer Tony Abbott over Malcolm TurnbuLorikeet 2012-02-25 06:48
I prefer Tony Abbott over Malcolm Turnbull, because he doesn't support a Carbon Tax, which I believe is mainly designed to damage the developed nations economically.

To my knowledge, 70% of Australians are opposed to a Tax on Air. Since households (and voting trends) tend to be greatly affected by assaults on the hip pocket nerve, I think Australians only wish to elect politicians who espouse a moderate environmental policy.

Please bring on the people who will resurrect manufacturing, create full-time work, look after Australian grazing and farming families, and say a resounding "NO!!" to the faceless men from Big Business and the global agendas they support.

This will mean voting for Pro-Australian parties such as the Democratic Labor Party, Katter's Australian Party and other like minded parties and Independents.

We can say "Yes" to a robust immigration program to support an ageing population, while also saying "No" to Labor and the Coalition supporting a Slave Labour Trade, which divides the people and holds/drives wages down.
+1 #4 Lorikeet, you are a fool. Tony Abbott sDon Aitchison 2012-02-26 17:58
Lorikeet, you are a fool.
Tony Abbott supports nothing.
Tony Abbott was a big supporter of workers choice. No full time jobs with him. You must have your head in the sand.
Majority of boat people who where sent to Narui either live in Austraila or NZ. He won't turn the boats back
0 #5 RE: Liberal and Labor votes stagnateAudrey 2012-06-16 17:37
:o I bet its really a bad news for labor. Well, we just need some improvement and everything will work well.

Audrey from robes grande taille habillées 
0 #6 RE: Liberal and Labor votes stagnateasdasd 2012-06-25 16:10
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