The why of Julia v Kevin

In the previous post I summarised the basic reasons why respondents favoured one or the other of Julia or Kevin, or neither. This Leximancer map shows a word cloud with voting intention and support for either Gillard or Rudd plotted on it as well.




You can see that the words in the bottom, associated heavily with an intention to vote ALP or Green and with voting for Julia Gillard are largely about things to do with government and governing.

Moving up to the left those words in red which are associated with Rudd are to do with who is best positioned to defeat Abbott, and are closely associated with undecided voters. The aqua ones are also to do with leadership of Australia - "prime minister" - as well as the Labor party.

The orange words are most closely associated with Australian Democrats voters and centre around Gillard and policies.

The top cloud, coloured blue are associated with Liberal voters and those who want neither candidate. "Trust", "power" and "country" are the key words here - they don't trust either with the power to run the country, which is fairly straightforward.

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0 #1 " words are most closely associChokyi Nyingpo 2012-02-28 15:57
" words are most closely associated with Australian Democrats voters"

Australian Democrats?

Graham, surely you jest? There's another political party we're not privy to?
0 #2 Thanks Ted, I knew it was there, but hadGraham Young 2012-02-28 16:06
Thanks Ted, I knew it was there, but hadn't gotten around to deleting it. And Chokyi, the Australian Democrats do still exist, and we get a proportion of respondents who would vote for them.
0 #3 RE: The why of Julia v KevinYuniz 2012-06-08 19:40
No matter who will be in the position, all I want is honesty and devoted work for us to succeed with crisis. Well, that's something hard to gain from politics.

Yuniz from habillage baignoire d'angle