December 2013 - First Pref Qual

Voters at the margin (which is where all votes change and all elections are won) have changed their minds about Tony Abbott, but the reasons for voting for or against the government channel the last election. The winners want Abbott to clean-up the "mess", and the losers think he should be continuing the work of the previous government.

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The Leximancer Map lays out the semantic geography. Most critical for what the major parties say are the views of the non-Green minor party voters. So, while Liberal voters use words like "mess", Greens voters lament the demise of many "climate change" policies, and ALP voters detect a lack of "vision", the minor party voters are interested in "business" as well as the fact that the Coalition won the "election".

"Business" could be tricky for the Coalition though, because, while Tony Abbott played it up in Davos, many of the minor party voters relate it to Clive Palmer, so while they may on balance support the Coalition, they are most inclined to stick it up the major parties.


LP: One thing the Coalition needs to learn is that if they are to follow a Labor government, any promises made must be CONDITIONAL. Much of the mess discovered was not even known at the time of the election E,G budget crisis, spying issues, NBN cost blowout, AWD cost blowout.

ALP: I don't see anyone in the LNP coalition who has any vision for the country. We need to reform the revenue and expenditure structure of the federation, have a plan for micro reform to restructure industry and build infrastructure which builds transport and communications not just more ports to export coal and gas.


ALP: I am a social democrat with a conscience for community, country and the planet. The government that has bulied its way into power is hell bent is returning the economy to some place of LNP creation that has no basis on policies or outcomes.


LP: The ALP/Greens coalition have destroyed the country's financial position taking the country from having no net debt to having significant debt and massive structural deficits, while destroying the country's competitiveness with irrational green schemes and the re-regulating of IR.


Grn: The Greens are the one party who place caring for the natural environment as their first priority. Their policies on other pressing issues such as education, health and social justice also fall into line with my own scruples.


Minor: Old Clive has had more business experience then all the others combined. At least he may ask some questions that the BIG TWO need to answer.

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+1 #1 RE: December 2013 - First Pref QualLorikeet 2014-01-28 15:56
Tony Abbott IS continuing the work of the previous government, kicking the disadvantaged in the guts and wasting money on the comparatively rich, although the Coalition is generally more savage :lol: . I don't believe either of the major parties has any real interest in the NDIS or Gonski reforms. I think Clive Palmer picked up quite a few Coalition votes, along with some from seriously disgruntled Labor voters. I would like Barnaby Joyce (NP), Bob Katter (KAP), John Madigan (DLP), Nick Xenophon (IND) and Clive Palmer (PUP) to join forces to overthrow the Woolworths and Coles of politics (Labor/Liberals ). :-)