July Omnibus

Our July Omnibus poll is live and can be accessed from http://polling.nationalforum.com.au/index.php?sid=54818〈=en.

Apart from our usual questions about voting intentions, issues and leadership performance we are also looking at initial responses to the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission final report which could represent the biggest changes to medicine since Medibank.

We are also collaborating with the State Library of Victoria on a poll on reading and families with pre-school children. If you live in Victoria and have a pre-school child you can complete the survey at http://polling.nationalforum.com.au/index.php?sid=91944〈=en.

The SLV survey will be open until midnight on Friday August 28, 2009 and everyone who enters will be eligible to be entered into a draw for $500 worth of children's books.

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0 #11 CommentGraham Young 2009-07-31 08:21
Greg, you're making an assumption as to what information that question is supposed to elicit. I wouldn't assume dependency from the answers.

Ozideas, we didn't ask for motivations, just for how much people would be prepared to spend. You often find that people are prepared to spend more if they can direct the spending, but you never can direct it. The government has a proposal, and those figures align with the proposal. Their proposal doesn't allow you to direct the spending.
0 #12 Commentbb 2009-07-31 09:27
questions on the health were a waste of time. all of them needed more information
0 #13 CommentF 2009-08-01 04:14
Graham, when are you going to do polls on the ETS and the Internet Filter?

The Internet Filter especially seems to have dropped below the radar.

Both deserve public polling and feedback, especially since the Government seems hellbent on pushing the ETS through.
0 #14 CommentJohnMich 2009-08-03 00:17
Graham, I also thought that the question about children was meaningless - I've got 3 but they have all left home years ago so I said 'none'Do I count the same as someone who has never had children?

I would also support the suggestion of an ETS survey and even better one that has a look at the whole climate change thing. I think its a beatup out of which al Gore is making a lot of money.
0 #15 CommentGraham Young 2009-08-03 01:17
Hi John,

If you put none down, then you will be treated the same as someone without kids - no other way to do it. The question on kids is not that important and is there to see whether a theory works or not. I doubt whether any of you with non-dependent children are likely to be in the demographic we are wondering about.

We did do the ETS a while back and you can read the results here http. I don't think anything much has changed, apart from the Liberals being onto their third position! It was not particularly popular then, and it still isn't.