Rudd effect: 7.30 Report

7.30_ReportLast night's 7.30 report featured a cameo appearance by yours truly. This election will be lost and won in the Queensland and New South Wales and they were looking at a series of marginal seats in and around Brisbane.

I come almost at the end of the clip and only a few, but amazingly prescient, words of the interview actually survived. My part was recorded Thursday of last week before Laurie Oakes had started his questioning of Julia Gillard based on a series of leaks. The part of my interview they used was me saying that there was no discernable Rudd effect in Queensland, and that the only effect he looked like having on the Labor campaign was in giving it "dirty air".

Our survey responses show that there was no greater concern about the way that Kevin Rudd was dumped in Queensland than in any other state. They also showed that those most likely to be concerned are those who weren't voting for Rudd in the first place.

Peter McCutcheon who conducted the interview wanted to know about the Rudd effect at the last election. I said I didn't think there had been one because a number of seats Labor could have supposed it would win, such as Herbert and Bowman, has stayed with the Liberals. Last time we had an election result like 2007 was 1983 when the Liberals were reduced to holding only 3 seats in the entire state. They did much better this time.


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0 #1 whenever theres a labor government my smANTHONY MURPHY 2010-07-30 00:51
whenever theres a labor government my small business goes backward i still getting over the paul keatings 29% time
0 #2 ANTHONY MURPHY....I go back further thanShirlee Finn 2010-08-03 09:02
ANTHONY MURPHY....I go back further than you on that score

Whitlam was the worst of the lot in my opinion
0 #3 Doesn't anyone get it? It's not a BrisbDavid Varley 2010-08-03 22:03
Doesn't anyone get it? It's not a Brisbane world, it's not a Queensland world, it's not an Australian world, it's a least a south-east Asian world, and very soon (if not already) a global world. Keating didn't make those horrendous interest rates, although he certainly should bear the blame for it getting as bad as it did - but now comes along Rudd / Gillard and they do an extraordinary job of cushioning Australia against the GFC with one of the lowest debts in the developed world, but you tar them with the same brush you used on Keating and Whitlam. I cry foul. What does a Labor government have to do before you people say 'They did well'? And is no one going to remember that the reason we have a de-regulated currency and an independent Reserve Bank is from their reforms? I don't want to get into debate about whether the Howard years achieved much, just that Australia should should stop cutting down it's tall poppies. In my view they are Whitlam (health care), Keating (currency / banks) and Rudd (GFC). Likewise, in my opinion Julia Gillard is a tall poppy - why does the opposition to her have to be so non-constructiv e, the Libs ads only directed at the policy failures, not the successes which far out-weigh them? And then someone comes along and starts talking about Keating and Whitlam - what sort of country would this be without them?
0 #4 I disagree. The ‘Rudd effect’ is a ssweet choc 2010-08-16 15:10
I disagree. The ‘Rudd effect’ is a serious one! My family and I (5 votes) have certainly moved away from Lab because of this treachery. The fact that Kim Yong Shorten and Kim Yong Abib can take away the rights of the people who voted for the Rudd Labour, is nothing more than ultimate arrogance and a lack of decency. This must not be diminished in the light of the leadership struggle within the Liberals. Turnbull was not an elected party leader ( I admire him, though) by the people. Kim Beasley (Lab) was not an elected party leader. Rudd was!! Labour and Gillard made a grave mistake and this will certainly show in diminished votes in the coming election. Gender is never an issue for most Aussies; honesty, integrity and a fair-go for all is important.
0 #5 I think Australians should be ashamed ofBeris Slater 2010-08-17 13:48
I think Australians should be ashamed of themselves everyone had their handout when the government in 2008 and 2009 gave every family hundreds of dollars to offset the decline in retail spending (stimulous package). I have never met anyone who refused the stimulous package. How the short term memory of the the australian people should be put in the shame file. I believe economic policy of the ALP has to be admired over those years as we could be in a worse place if we had followed what the LNP wanted to do..... nothing.
"Rudd effect" is ocntrived by the media our system of goverment allows for our representative members to be disenchanted with our leadership and to vote them out even if they are the Prime Minister. As with the former Liberal governemtn they had many leadership contenders who were not successful.