Who is polling in Lilley?

Someone has been polling in Lilley (last Sunday) and our informant thinks it is Labor. It could be either, but as telephone polls cost a lot of money, and as the Liberal Party is unlikely to have Lilley as a target seat, then it probably was Labor. So who is worried? If the ALP then things aren't as good as polling suggests. Or it could be Wayne Swan taking out insurance. Afterall, he did lose the seat in 1996.

The questions asked were:

  1. Which party did you vote for last federal election?
  2. Which party will you vote for this federal election?
  3. Which party would you vote for in a state election?
  4. Are you negative or positive about Julia Gillard, Wayne Swan, Kevin Rudd, Anna Bligh, Tony Abbott?
  5. How responsible was Wayne Swan for deposing Kevin Rudd?
  6. Is Wayne Swan an effective local member?
  7. How prominent is Wayne Swan in your electorate?
  8. Is Wayne Swan friendly and charming?
  9. Is Wayne Swan an effective treasurer?
  10. Have you heard of Rod McGarvie? (Liberal candidate)
  11. What is one word to describe Wayne Swan?

Some of the questions looks a little idiosyncratic and of course they're not phrased verbatim.

If you have any intelligence about your electorate, please let us know. We've set this form up to make it easy. We can also give you access into the site to file reports directly which we can then edit and publish with your byline. 

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