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How do you feel about paying?

Those supporting the G20 conference coming to Brisbane were generally enthusiastic enough about it that they would pay a quarter to a half of the amount because they saw great benefits. Those who didn't support it focussed on the state of the Queensland government finances, and also that Queensland's government hadn't asked for the conference.

In the latter group there was often a grudging acceptance that the state would have to pay something rather than nothing, so they opted for my bottom figure.

Some also did a "back of the envelope" feasibility study and adopted figures which seemed reasonable given what they expected the benefits to be. Economic benefits seemed to dominate over everything else at the higher end. In the middle respondents were more likely to see the event as being mostly a federal one with some spin-offs for the state.

And at the lower end respondents were likely to see very little benefit to anyone.

$185 million contribution

Half - it should not be seen as a cost but rather an investment which will bring a greater economic return.

Queensland will be the big winner - let's hope there is no more mindless nonsense with that pipsqueak Campbell Newman who is rapidly proving what many of us new about him: a tiny little man.

$92.5 million contribution

As an international forum the Federal Government should contribute most of the cost. However the Queenslandgovernment should contribute to security and public works that underwrite the meeting - my guesstimate about 1/4 give or take.

This will be amply repaid in benefits from prestige (putting Brisbane on the International map) and direct payments from international visitors in accommodation etc. To contribute nothing would be churlish given that the Coalition may well win the next election and would host the meeting.

If QLD is to benefit then the QLD government should meet some of the costs of the G20.Newman's initial refusal to contribute funds was a childish reaction and indicates his lack of vision to invest for the benefit of Queenslanders.

$46.25 million contribution

This was a Federal Government initiative and also the meeting is dealing with federal issues and so should bear the majority of the cost. The Qld Govt is also near broke.

$23.125 million contribution

Estimates show our gain would be about $50M. So lets inveswt just half of that.

Let the Commonwealth bear the cost.Qld. has very little surplus money, thanks to our last distastrous ALP government.

$10 million contribution

After Queensland's financial standing has been shredded by Bligh and Beattie, such non-essential expenditure can't be afforded.

well, its really a national and international meeting and the cost burden should be carried by the nation as a whole.


G20 is a highly expensive national event that should be solely sponsored by the federal govt. It's economic benefits to the state will largely be limited to the week or so it is held and the reported costs will probably totally counterbalance the benefits.

If we can't afford a public service capable of providing for the present and future needs of the community, then we certainly can't afford useless political grandstanding. Anyway, last time CHOGM had to be shifted to the Sunshine Coast.

Our government will be hit with all the costs of any damage done during the inevitable protests anyway.


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-3 #1 MrJohn Peach 2012-07-17 23:36
8) And I suppose the few who believe we should contribute up to half of the cost of something Gillard hoped would get her votes are of course wanting this paid by all Qld taxpayers & not their own pockets. :lol: These are the same people who helped to give Qld the biggest debt in our history & we have just voted OUT
-6 #2 RE: How do you feel about paying?Rod Pennington 2012-07-18 09:19
G20 always cost us a lot. Julia gave $5,000,000,000 to the IMF just to get her photo taken with Christine Lagarde. This is to help the useless EU bailout, supposedly. We get nothing from G20. It's political grandstanding and I hope it backfires on them
+4 #3 Dr.Don Maclean 2012-07-18 12:09
I am sick of bleating naysayers who are motivated more by partisan domestic politics rather than looking at the bigger picture. Periodic meetings that enable world leaders to meet each other is important for setting agendas for future negotiations and interactions, and helps define options and directions for dealing with them. We should be pleased that Brisbane was chosen as a venue, regardless of who will be PM at the time of holding the event (and I despise Tony Abbott).
-3 #4 RE: How do you feel about paying?Greg Palmer 2012-07-18 12:50
;-) The biggest debt in our history, only because the current government say so
+2 #5 RE: How do you feel about paying?Paul Parker 2012-07-18 13:56
Graham writes what I feel: "that Julia Gillard has got to a place where it doesn't matter what she does, it is all bad politics."

The ongoing campaigns by Dr NO has me prepared to switch my voting for next election from LibNats to the Greens then ALP not because I want to but is only way to say I support NBN and carbon tax and refugees being proecessed in Australia...
-1 #6 re=how do you feel like payingcr oliver 2012-07-18 20:26
for a lot of adults that cant agree on a solution to stop the boats,they are all same when money concerned,just hand it out.what will man on street get out of it.money better spent on PENSIONERS.
+1 #7 Mslavinia moore 2012-07-19 14:36
Why waste money on this. What has it achieved in the past few years.
Its about time our governments and those who pander to and hope to benefit from such extravaganzas abolished the Olympic games, G20 and all of the otherwaste of space circuses.
The world is in a mess.
Brisbane seems a very suitable place for some more wasted posturing!
-1 #8 RE: How do you feel about paying?Lynette James 2012-07-19 18:34
It's about time more interest was given to Australia, Our Farmers are struggling our pensioners always struggle, people are losing jobs hand over fist. and we pander to a few world wannabes wining dining them all at the extravagant cost to our taxpayers.What will this achieve will any other countries come on board with a carbon TAX. not that I agree with it here, it's only costing US more in rising costs Get back to basics. LOOK after our own and put some money where it is needed before we become a third world country.
-2 #9 RE: How do you feel about paying?Lorikeet 2012-07-21 11:04
I thought the G20 should be renamed the G19 and held elsewhere, since I have no interest in our nation being sold out on the world stage.
0 #10 RE: How do you feel about paying?Paul Parker 2012-07-21 11:39
It takes time, effort and considerable discussion to properly consider issues, particularly complicated and contentious issues when attempting to find economic improvements.

Our politicians self interests, perhaps our political process, encourages knee-jerk impulse reactions.

Knee-jerk impulse reactions provide momentary feelings of improvement, until costs need be paid.

Knee-jerk impulse reactions fine IF profiting from knee-jerk impulse reactions, most frequently see slower improvements, fewer opportunities, greater impacts upon our needy.

Without improvements and opportunity then complaints prompting politicians further promote knee-jerk impulse options...

Costs G20 meetings, our highest costs dealing with those choosing outside public discussion of civil society.

To surrender public discussion reject public discussion, supports surrender public protection of personal property on wider scales.