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How people feel about having the G20

I hadn't picked protest as an issue, but it was certainly present in the responses, with most on the other side from my anonymous protestor.

Here is the Leximancer Map.


The major complaints about the G20 appear to be centred around disruption to our lifestyle for the period, the risk of protestors, the cost and a suspicion that the PM is just trying to tie up votes for Labor.

"State of Origin" in another guise seems to be one of the reasons people support it, and this can be graphically seen with Brisbane and Sydney two opposing themes.

Added to this is the thought that it gives Brisbane tourism and economic opportunities and shows us to be a world class city. Queensland as a state has been battling to claim its position, and this is a typical response to something like this. I'm surprised that it is not almost universal, and suspect that the reason it is not is the low esteem in which the federal government is held.

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