Preferred leader - quants

As the table shows, the only major group that wouldn't have voted to depose Rudd is those voting Liberal or National, a judgement which is presumably not made with the best interests of Labor in mind. Note, I have made no attempt to balance this table to account for voting intention, so it has a strong left-wing skew in it as does the one that follows it.


Certainly all the left-aligned voters strongly favoured a change.

This is also reflected, but less dramatically, in the preferred PM ratings comparing our figures from April with our figures from last week.


While the Libs are slightly more prone to favour Abbott now than they were, Labor, and particularly Greens voters, more strongly favour Gillard than Rudd.

While the left may say that the coup was unfair, they would have done just what the caucus has just done, given the same opportunity. In the end Kevin Rudd was quite friendless.

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0 #1 Kevin Rudd was not friendless. When anyIrisAshton 2010-06-29 08:14
Kevin Rudd was not friendless. When any man can put in the amount effort to make Australia a much better place to live in, that he has done over his time in office, he deserves a lot better treatment than he received. The Murdoch newspapers pilloried him and belittled all the good things he has implemented, to make it seem that he was careless and put forward his policies too quickly. People believe what they read in the newspapers and this time the Murdoch press had a very big win. Now they have Gillard, they have got what they deserve. A woman is much harder to denigrate than a man and this is one very tough lady who will give them much more than she gets.
0 #2 Australia does have what it deserves - aJohn Thompson 2010-06-29 14:32
Australia does have what it deserves - a self-serving left-wing ideologue with the political morals of a Kings Cross hooker - a politician who is prepared to 'hop into bed' with Shorten of the Victorian right, and the 'brilliant' tacticians of the NSW right.

Labor blinked when it should have stared down the opposition of the media and the mining lobby.

I carry no torch for KRudd, his flaws are well documented, but he always operated by a fixed set of standards - with many of which I disagreed, but he can claim to have governed with integrity - something his successor will NEVER be able to do.

The Coalition have received neither vote nor preference from me in almost 20 years, well before Keating's ascendence; nor will they, while Abbott leads them. However, a change to Turnbull by the Liberals would soon change that - probably no chance of that, but this time last week....
0 #3 Yes, well our government is a murdochracCatherine Crittenden 2010-07-18 17:55
Yes, well our government is a murdochracy after all.
0 #4 Politics, despite the efforts of the CanUgetsu 2010-07-18 20:57
Politics, despite the efforts of the Canberra press gallery, is not a soap opera. Rudd was dumped because of his policy failure on the CTS and the mishandling of the mining tax. The Westminster system worked by default (as it often seems to). In a parallel circumstance, Japanese Prime Minister resigned over his policy failures in regard to Futenma and campaign contributions. At least he realized his Prime Ministership had become untenable. Rudd should have too.
0 #5 Until Abbott gets a fair go in the mediaDavid Thomas 2010-07-19 15:16
Until Abbott gets a fair go in the media Gillard will take the lead. If the media would acknowledge Abbott for what he is instead of what they want him to be then this would change rapidly. He is, as politicians go, an honest man - willing to admit to the political lie - Gillard will lie and not admit to it. I would rather have Abbott's morals than Gillards. I would rather have the country run by someone with his ethical standards than hers. Unfortunately we will get the latter because of media bias and union buying power.
0 #6 Abbott has no morals. This guy is a moraDee 2010-07-19 16:46
Abbott has no morals. This guy is a moral contortionist. He has foresaken all his ideals & beliefs in pursuit of the PM's job. One look at Battlelines reveals this.
He has done his deal with Murdoch who has assisted as the opposition party in this nation to harangue the ALP. Liberal senior strategist told the SMH, they were very happy because all the media are behind Tony and they are pursueing Rudd relentlessly.
0 #7 Gillard has said she would be Fullback fKenneth Acushla 2010-07-19 19:03
Gillard has said she would be Fullback for the Bulldogs before it happens. Lo and behold it happened. This coming election will define the kind of Australia it will be. Voters have already said they support Abortion so they voted ALP in the State Elections. They do not care about the agony of pain babies go through being Aborted. Abbott cares.