May poll - the issues

This is the first of our polls where debt has come up as an issue that is of concern to Labor as well as Liberal voters. Like the economy, it is an issue that is generally a marker of non-Labor voting intentions. No more. This is bad news for the government as it is difficult for Labor to win an argument based on economic issues.

However, this may be balanced out by the fact that Tony Abbott also makes his first appearance as an issue, and this is most closely associated with those intending to vote Liberal. "Anyone but Abbott" is a common phrase, and it is a little eerie to see it come from Liberal respondents.

Marriage, as in "same sex marriage" also makes its first appearance. It is a negative for the government.



The strongest feelings associated with Liberals is just a desire to get rid of the government, which is not an issue in the traditional sense of the word. The carbon tax is also a strong theme and is mentioned by many respondents, of all political persuasions. Whatever the government says, there is a widespread anticipation that the carbon tax is already causing problems.


THEME:  government (government, carbon, tax, future, country, people, Australia, policy, mining)

The ALP Government is not an honest Government. It has no political integrity.

Getting rid of the corrupt Gillard ALP government, then axing carbon dioxide taxation of Australians.

Carbon tax, border security or lack of, and endless spending by Government.

Reliable government for the future

the general direction of this country. Economic and the principle of honesty and transparency of government.

The government's many failings: carbon tax, incompetent government, failing minority government, high numbers of boat people, too much IR regulation, wasteful government spending etc.

I disagree that we are allowing any illegal immigrants into Australia. I disagree that a large inept government is allowed to squander tax payers money

Government changing policy/legislation to sustain local manufacturing. Government changing policy/legislation restricting foreigners purchasing large quantities of our land.

NBN, carbon price, mining tax and delivery of government services.

THEME: economy (economy, change, education, health, strong, lack, policies)

Addressing the two speed economy without holding back resources.

the economy, climate control and the health system

The long term prospects for the economy; jobs; education and skills training parliamentary integrity

Several issues - economy, education, health, environment, long term stability

It's important to me that we have a fair administration as I like to see disadvantaged groups looked after. A strong economy is important too - one affects the other.

ALPs inability to manage any department, their lack of economic management and integrity.

Sharing benefit of mining boom in order to support non mining sectors to keep the economy strong in order to be able to support comprehensive health and social welfare policies.

THEME: rid (rid, party, ALP, current)

Get rid of him

Getting rid of the carbon tax and the Lib party muck raking

Get rid of ALP

To be rid of Gillard and the current crass ALP. ALP "eats its own".

THEME: debt (debt)

Being in such debt to China.

THEME: environment (environment)

Balancing demands of miners with needs of food production viz farmers, graziers, and environment protection.

THEME: marriage (marriage)

Same sex marriage3. Economic state

THEME: Abbott(Abbott)

1 Anyone but Abbott

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