Keep Queensland strong

“i wish i could get behind bligh but there is something about her that drives me nuts , she is one of those women that has power but it dosnt come across” Female, 55-64, Director

“What a load of crap - they have had 10 years to do all of that and they have done the opposite - we are supposed to believe that all of a sudden they are going to be competent because they said so in an ad? Come off it.” Female, 25-34, Engineer

“Anna is bland and unimpressive in this campain it is almost like her minders/spin doctors have told her that her best chance of survival is tryu flying under the radar. i have observed that if I am having difficulty sleeping if I run a loop of Anna adds I can nod off” Male, 45-54, Manager

“Based on that advertisment alone I would be more likely to vote for Bligh. It is a postive action focused ad. about a real issue.” Female, 25-34, Consultant

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0 #1 Commentnope 2009-03-17 20:24
Seems some don't agree with you Graham: