“brings a government that is trying to run on its record into contact with the facts of the matter” Male, 45-54, Homemaker

“This is a negative ad, which I don't like... but it is true! I mean, the ALP has made a muck up of so many things, that it is worth reminding us exactly of what has gone on.” Male, 25-34, Teacher

“good examples of bad management and big sums” Male, 35-44, Broker/Trader/Advisor

“Having watched the Northern pipeline connector program and the straightening of the rail line from Caboolture to Beerburrum up close and noting that the interconector pipeline still has faults I think that Labours plans for any issues, read staying in office, was to throw buckets of money at problems to prove they where doing something and giving Anna a Hardhat and news cameras, now the buckets of cash from mine royalties have deminished I wonder how they will mange future problems?” Male, 45-54, Manager

“OK Labor have stuffed up big time. Will we get more of the same under LNP, brand new projects, even bigger waste.” Female, 55-64, Retired

“This is another negative campaign but the LNP are in a postion to comment on actual spending and actions of the sitting government. It doesn't really sway me more or less towards the LNP.” Female, 25-34, Consultant

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