Up to their old tricks

“Not sure about stability of LNP” Male, 55-64, Retired

“Lawrence is hardly inspiring, but I look at him and feel that I can at least trust him (unlike Bligh).” Male, 25-34, Educator.

“As per the previous answer. Let's give them a go.” Male, 65-64, Retired

“i dont trust them” Female, 55-64, Retired

“I hate Springborg but an ok ad” Female, 25-34, Engineer

“The advert is about creating hope for the future, promising a new approach, doing things which the ALP has failed to do, doing things which are popular. Yet, that is what he would say. Nothing new, nothing precise, too generalised.” Male, 75+, Consultant

“very vanilla rerun election promises....the time for change and slowing economy is enough for the LNP (if they don't get in the way of themselves)” Male, 35-44, Broker/Trader/Advisor

“But only just ... am I the only one BORED with this stuff?” Female, 45-54, Public Servant

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0 #1 CommentSteve 2009-03-17 19:53
Graham, have you polled that McArdle attack ad from Labor? It is either one way or the other with that one I would suspect: it has killed the LNP or it has killed Labor.
0 #2 CommentGraham Young 2009-03-17 20:05
You could be right Steve, but as I haven't polled I'm not sure which half you are right about! Might do something later today.
0 #3 CommentWillozap 2009-03-17 23:47
Is it just me, or is there a pause in Springborg's line at the end that seems to have him saying "Vote LNP, because we deserve ... a better Queensland."

They deserve it? Not sure if that is a strong tactic.