South Australia 2010 - the qual

Those who think it is heading in the wrong direction are tired of what they see as the government's spin. There are others, generally Greens voters who think that social infrastructure and the environment are not being adequately cared for.

These attitudes are exemplified by two quotes.

"Blind Freddy could see that the amount of infrastructure built in the past eight years has surpassed anything that the previous government accomplished in the preceding years that the liberals were in government.One could say that the previous government gave the people of South Australia a memorable picture of their policies by privatizing ELECTRICITY AND WATER both essential services." ALP, m, 65-74

"The Rann Government is tired and a believer of its own spin. While they have been able to ride the mining and defence boom of the last 5 years - much of this was already in gestation at the time they took power.Health is a major issue in SA and they have promised a new hospital - but this doesn't address country and city needs for many more GPs.On a personal note: our Attorney General is an embarrassment, while the Premier is appears dishonest and the Treasurer is a Bipolar stalker" Lib, M, 45-54

Most important issue

This appears to be Water, followed by Health and planning and infrastructure. A significant number also talk about the need for an Independent Commission against Corruption. Along with the concern about Labor spin is a concern that the government, or parts of it, is corrupt.

Rann approval

The balance of comments was against the premier. Even his supporters were a bit defensive. "Despite his public persona as a bit of a tosser he has done a lot of good things for the stata" Labor, Male, 45-54

Those against can put their case very pungently. "He is a lying, narcissistic, power hungry man." Liberal, M, 35-44

There is also a sense that while politicians are expected to lie he has pushed beyond the boundaries and is treating electors like fools. "The issue of honesty is obvious. We maybe continually lied to by politicians but we don't want to be treated like fools." Ind, Female, 55-64

When we ask respondents why they would hesitate to vote for Rann, those who approve of Rann raise issues like his autocracy, populism and complacency. For those against he appears to have been a pretty comprehensive disappointment.

"I have traditionally given Labor my preference, but not this time, and it's particularly because of Rann, his weird if not insane religious-fanatic right-wing Attorney-General and the thuggish Treasurer, an absolute philistine. And today I'm being kind in my remarks about this power-drunk bunch. They comprise possibly the worst government I have ever seen, even worse than the (previous) Olsen Liberal government which was equally corrupt in its behaviour. Olsen GAVE public land to developers, claiming it was worthless. The developer made millions out of it. We changed the government and got the same behaviour." Dem, M, 55-64

Redmond approval

Redmond appears to have the characteristic that voters are looking for but which Rann lacks the most. She's honest and frank. She's direct, blunt a straight shooter. Also, in terms of the negative baggage that her party brings, she's also a moderate.

"I like her frank no nonsense style - she gives the impression that she has decided to take the bull by the horns, pull the party into line and is there to do the job noone else seemd able to, even if she does slip up occasionally - at least this is genuine stuffing up, not schlick." Undecided, F, 55-64

But she is a relative unknown, and some fear that she will be weak, or not understand the issues. Redmond needs some policies to hang her hat on.

"I find her more personable and trustworthy than Rann, but do not know how she would perform in gov't, and don't trust the Liberals in general to govern for all." Labor, F, 55-64

The historical Liberal Party is her most potent disadvantage. "The only thing that I see as an issue, is the old boys club of the Liberal party stifling Isabel. Hopefully, if she gets in, she'll place a young, strong team around her, and retire the old farts to the Adelaide Club." Liberal, m, 45-54

The vanity poll

Electors rarely make their final decision based on who is the preferred premier of prime minister. Yet this election appears to be very presidential – a mistake for Labor I suspect. The same themes are evident here as are evident in the approval responses. Arrogant spin versus fresh, but perhaps incompetent, honesty. As one undecided 65-74 year old male says "Media Mike vs Redmond is like deciding which illness you'd prefer typhoid or cholera."

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0 #1 So much of what the Labor government hasClint Garrett 2010-03-11 20:02
So much of what the Labor government has done has been aimed at Adelaide.
I would suggest that people in Adelaide try taking a drive on some of our major country roads and see how poor some of our infrastructure is.
There is a potential mining boom, but no port on Spencer Gulf to handle the minerals. The government refuses to put a small amount of money into investigating the Mullaquana site, characterising such pro-active action as "Stalinist Economics".
Our house enrgy rating scheme is a joke - just have look at how energy in-efficient most new housing developments are.
The government commitment to the environment is token. Look at the cut-backs to the Department of Environemtn and then you will understand why the EPA is so toothless and our National Park system is in such a state.
We need to raise mining royalties to similar levels of WA and Queensland. Our state taxes are low and government services suffer as a result.
We need a different mind set from Labor and Liberals.
0 #2 I just tried to fill out my postal vote Grizzly 2010-03-21 20:27
I just tried to fill out my postal vote in the state election and was disappointed at the fact that the state forces me to make either an informal or a donkey vote.

The system that forces me to vote also denies me the opportunity to be an informed voter since I can’t find any description of what the plethora of ‘independents’ stand for and I have limited time for more research.

I tried various web sites (including the electoral commission) and Googled the names to little avail. The most I got was a little information from an ABC news site.

It seems I am forced to follow the choices made by my preferred first preference by following their ‘ticket’. That is NOT an informed choice since the goals of each party are more about preventing their biggest competitor from gaining office and they will if needed play dog in the manger.

Why can’t all candidates be forced to issue a statement of purpose with their registration and that in turn made available on the electoral commissions web site or even have the postal votes sent out with enough information for the voter to use something ‘informed’ or even personal with their vote.

I can’t see how we can force people to vote and then expect them to make thoughtful choices or be involved without providing the required information.