March Omnibus - The Issues

For a couple of years Climate Change was one of the most dominating issues in our analysis, and respondents were either for it or against it. In this survey the issue has effectively become split in two. Those on the left continue to be concerned about it, but on the right concern is not about climate change directly, but the Carbon Tax, which is supposed to address it.


Liberals are worried about the "government" and specifically the cost of living, which is allied to "carbon" (the carbon tax). They also have problems with leadership of the country. This leads directly to concerns about the economy.

Labor voters and Greens are worried about "climate change", as well as issues of service delivery in education and health, which is how they approach the economy. Independent voters are concerned about infrastructure.

Interesting how the carbon tax intersects with cost of living as well as leadership, which tends to confirm the coalition's approach to characterise it as a failure to lead openly and an assault on the standard of living of Australians.

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0 #1 It is a matter of the politics of the shMac Nicolson 2011-06-27 21:32
It is a matter of the politics of the short term being, as a rule, more persuasive than the environmental truths of the long term and the fear to respond accordingly. Sad as it may be, it may take even more environmental catastrophes than are occurring now before the urgency to act becomes a desperate priority. It may then be too late. I am talking about not only climate change but, as a farmer, water and soil conservation too but they are all inextricably linked.