Leximancer and the Rudd Gillard contest

The Leximancer Map suggests a number of reasons for voters positions on the Rudd v Gillard contest. Those who have become more likely to vote Labor instance the media and Tony Abbott as two of their strongest reasons. Media refers to media bias. For those less likely it is the way that caucus has demonstrated it controls the numbers in ALP ballots. Overall most voters are negative about both parties and this turns up in the responses from neutral voters who see no great reason to vote for any party, and can't imagine anything that could change their minds.




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0 #1 The Leximancer is a pain in the butt. ILorikeet 2012-03-21 16:06
The Leximancer is a pain in the butt. It makes the whole box and dice as clear as mud.
0 #2 RE: Leximancer and the Rudd Gillard contestcoleen 2012-06-15 23:38
what was it all about in that said contest? anyway, thanks for sharing.

coleen from anniversaire 40 ans