Preferred leaders

We polled our respondents on the question of who would make the best leader of the Labor Party and of the Liberal Party. We had six  nominations for each and dealt with them using preferential voting. The result was that Stephen Smith is the preferred Labor leader and Malcolm Turnbull the preferred Liberal Leader. However, a closer look at their results show that Smith relies on Liberal voters and Turnbull relies on Labor voters. Most Labor voters would prefer to have Julia Gillard as Labor leader and most Liberal voters would prefer to have Tony Abbott as Liberal leader.


Amongst the six Liberal potential candidates I included Barnaby Joyce. Some of my respondents claimed that I was wrong to do that and that Joyce is a National and couldn't be Liberal leader.

In fact, Joyce is a member of the Liberal Party who chooses to identify with the National Party in parliament. Joyce's direct party membership is with the LNP. The LNP is defined by its constitution as being a branch of the Liberal Party. But as it is in fact a sort of compromise party it allows its parliamentary members to choose who they sit with in federal parliament.

The biggest impediment to Joyce being Liberal leader is not his party membership, but the fact he is in the senate. That, and the fact that very few Australians would like to see him in the job.

Preferred Labor leader

Total sample Labor voters
Gillard 45% 80%
Smith 55% 20%

Preferred Liberal leader

Total sample Liberal voters
Abbott 35% 70%
Turnbull 65% 30%




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0 #1 As we know, Senator Barnaby Joyce plans Lorikeet 2012-03-21 15:57
As we know, Senator Barnaby Joyce plans to run for a lower house seat (against Independent Tony Windsor, I think) at the next federal election.

I am hoping he will work with Bob Katter MP and other like-minded politicians (who are actually Pro-Australia) to get this nation back on track.

Unfortunately Barnaby could not lead a coalition government and act in the best interests of our nation at the same time.
0 #2 RE: Preferred leadersEricka 2012-05-29 00:28
Thanks for sharing this!
I guess they just really got their own supporters, we will know who deserves the place after.

Ericka from furet canalisation