Things the Opposition says about the government

Tony Abbott claims that the government lacks legitimacy, so we decided to test that at the same time we looked at the Labor leadership ballot.


The community is more or less split down the middle on this, as it appears to be for most things.


This Labor government lacks legitimacy.

Strongly agree 39%
Agree 10%
Neutral 6%
Disagree 9%
Strongly disagree 37%
Grand Total 100%
Total agree 48%
Total disagree 46%
Net agree 2%

Although it does appear that most of us think that being in the minority hasn't stopped this government from governing..

This government is not able to govern because it does not have a majority in parliament.

Strongly agree 26%
Agree 13%
Neutral 10%
Disagree 15%
Strongly disagree 36%
Grand Total 100%
Total agree 39%
Total disagree 51%
Net agree -12%

But when it comes to calls for a fresh election we go back to a more or less even split.

There should be a new election as soon as possible.

Strongly agree 45%
Agree 4%
Neutral 4%
Disagree 6%
Strongly disagree 42%
Grand Total 100%
Total agree 49%
Total disagree 47%
Net agree 2%




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0 #1 When political leaders lie to voters aboLorikeet 2012-03-21 15:52
When political leaders lie to voters about policies which end up placing a huge financial burden on the community (e.g. Carbon Tax or Assets Sales), the Governor-Genera l or Governor should sack them immediately and a fresh election should be called.

In the case of a hung parliament, televised bribery should attract a criminal charge.
0 #2 RE: Things the Opposition says about the governmentSonia 2012-05-31 18:00
I guess the polls made it clear, well I therefore conclude that government isn't doing good enough as their people can feel it. More improvement please.

Sonia from batterie moto BMW