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Western Australia - the qual

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In this map of the qualitative responses as to whether the economy is travelling in the right direction you can see the economic issues along the axis at the centre of the concept map with "mining" and "business" right at the centre, and "jobs" and "prosperity" off to one side closest to Liberal voters and "boom" closest to National voters. (Click the map for a larger version).

The Greens aren't closely associated with any concept, but link directly into "business" and "mining", which are things they are opposed to. Labor voters are generally supportive of the mining boom but have concerns about public transport and infrastructure.

These differences are even more apparent on the map of what is the most important election issue.

WA Election 2013 Election Issue Thumb


There is one word which was absent from the previous map, and that is "federal". The commonwealth government is an issue, as is Labor, but mostly Liberal voters are motivated by positives, while Labor voters want to do something about infrastructure and transport.

Colin Barnett is very popular, and this shows up in the concept map of showing what makes even his supporters hesitate when thinking about voting for him.

WA Election 2013 Barnett Hesitate Thumb


Liberals have no "hesitation"; Greens are concerned about housing and development, and Labor voters focus on personal factors such as "arrogance" or negatives associated with his team which includes "Troy Buswell" and lacks "talent".

As noted in the quants, Mark McGowan is generally well-regarded, but not so well-known.

WA Election 2013 McGowan Hesitate Thumb


For Greens their hesitations are to do with his support for mining (putting them at odds with most other voters) and a promise about a "museum" that wasn't honoured. Liberals are concerned that he won't continue with the economic progress they feel is being made. "Canberra" and "labor" are at the centre of the map, indicating the weakness of the ALP brand.

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