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May 2009 poll

We've just posted our latest omnibus poll. It is at http://polling.nationalforum.com.au/index.php?sid=83176〈=en.

We're looking at our usual political questions to see how the issues are changing, and checking attitudes to a few current issues.

We should start publishing parts of the research early next week.

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0 #1 CommentKen Passmore 2009-05-06 08:49

Your demographic column does not really accomodate me. I have worked in advertising for many years and now consult to small and very small businesses. My children, 1 still lives with us ! is independant. I pick up work whwn I can and also basically feel like it so I am semi retired. In the last state elections I onlt voted because a friend stood (a previous councillor)and I handed out how to vote cards for him. I think I am a thinking voter, however in the last state election had this man had not stood a great number of people were going to vote at the bottom pf the form 'none of the above'. That to me is a worry.
0 #2 CommentGraham Young 2009-05-06 17:23
Thanks Ken. I guess the art of surveying is to over-simplify so you can understand. I suspect there is a lot of demographic complexity out there that we don't capture, but if we did, it would be too fine-grained for me to make any generalisations.

The demographic information is generally used to compare our group to the population at large, so generally not too much hangs on it.

One of the things that I find from the longitudinal nature of this research is how often people defy the stereotypes. You'd be amazed the reasons people give for changing their vote from traditional patterns.
0 #3 CommentRose Taylor 2009-05-06 21:53
Since retiring as a bookkeeper and becoming more involved with writing I am quite at home commenting on political issues and writing suitable articles for publication (in part) in the Melbourne On-Line newspapers.

While we remain a democracy this should always be considered a right for everyone.

Thank you for the opportunity to give my views.

Rose Taylor
Melton West
0 #4 CommentAllie 2009-05-08 02:07
So glad we have this opportunity to have a say. Thanks for this Graham.
0 #5 CommentGraham Young 2009-05-08 14:54
Rose, you might like to consider submitting material to On Line Opinion. It's another opportunity for people to have their say. You do have to compete with the other submissions that we get - we only publish 6 to 7 a day - but there is plenty of room for quality. Send submissions to Susan(at)online opinion.com.au.