Is the Kevin 07 brand tarnished? Radio interview

You can listen to the broadcast by clicking on this link. In the meantime, here is the introduction from the ABC site:

'Kevin 07' was one of the most successful political marketing campaigns of recent years. Labor used the theme to sweep up the youth vote and deliver Kevin Rudd to the Lodge after more than a decade of Coalition government. But after a mere two-and-a-half years in office, the Kevin 07 brand is tarnished. Latest polling suggests young voters are disillusioned and are deserting the prime minister in droves.

Has Kevin Rudd blown it for good with the next generation? Or will the youth vote swing back Labor's way at election 2010?

On the last two questions I said that this might be the best thing to happen to Labor at this time in the cycle because they have time to change course.

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0 #1 Definitely over 54. Didn't vote for himStewart Beveridge 2010-06-08 00:05
Definitely over 54.
Didn't vote for him before, no hope of voting for him now.
0 #2 the fiscal conservative labor prime mininelson neal 2010-06-08 13:06
the fiscal conservative labor prime minister whoreality spent Australia's wealth faster than a drunken sailor. Didn't trust him before after seeing what he and Goss did to Queensland trust him even less now. FACT there has never been a Labor government that has left the country in better shape than it started with so I don't see why this one would have been any different.
0 #3 After a trip across four states I was exJudy George 2010-06-08 18:49
After a trip across four states I was excited to see schools being given needed infrastructure in each of the states
Having worked in education when anything would do for students this made me feel that however flawed the system has become, for once in my lifetime education was seeing some useful building......t hank you Mr Rudd and company.....kid s will love the access to new and improved libraries, science facilities and covered areas.
0 #4 Perhaps you did not include enough of thJohn Peach 2010-06-10 23:16
Perhaps you did not include enough of the older & more silent brigade in this survey on Rudd.
It is my experience of late that it is extremely rare to find any oldies that will even admit they voted for Rudd in 2007

Most express disgust at the way government has wasted vast amounts of taxpayer money pouring in from all kinds of taxes from all people, not just those making taxable incomes.
0 #5 Agree whole heartedly with your above coRon Alford 2010-06-11 18:35
Agree whole heartedly with your above comments.
Was looking through some old records recently and found a copy of Menzies original 10 points of Liberal Party Objectives and consider the present LNP to be so removed from the foundation Menzies Liberal Objectives as to cause me to, after careful consideration, to believe that the Liberal party has completely sold us out,(perhaps does not exist any more) accordingly altough I NOW consider Rudd overall to be substandard - best leave him in government until the Liberals get their act together (Menzies style), whenever, as much as I hate the thought !!!