May polling - the quants

After weighting our sample for likely voting intentions there are some strong messages for both Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten. Voters are actually not impressed with either - a continuation of the trend from the last parliament.

Abbott Approval 14 05 15

Tony Abbott has a strong disapproval rating, even amongst the minor party voters he will rely on toe get re-elected.

Shorten Approval 14 05 15

Shorten's performance is actually weaker, driven by the fact that his approval rating is lower. His neutral rating is just over 25%, which is an opportunity for both him and the government. If all of those voters decided in his favour, then his favourability rating would soar. But if they are persuaded his performance is not good, then he is in trouble.

At the moment, on our figures, while Shorten is the preferred prime minister, it is not by much.

Preferred PM 14 05 15

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+3 #1 LNPAllie 2014-06-10 10:52
Wow...those who do this survey who are LNP supporters are pretty rusted on if they can support the most unpopular PM ever! After what he proposes to do to those aged and disabled is there no aged pensioners ( full) or disabled people who do this survey? Not very fair or reasonable then! I ache for my Australia. What a cruel and nasty self serving lot we have become under Abbott et al. Shame on us!
+2 #2 MRSLynette Payne 2014-06-10 12:57
Allie said it all.
0 #3 #1 LNPShaun Newman 2014-06-11 11:42
:D I think you will find that within the LNP there are none so blind as those who willNOT see.