Summary of quantitative analysis October 2009
  1. The index figures (where support at September last year was 100) for the major parties were Labor 95, Liberal 104, Greens 111 and Nationals 123. Nationals and Greens are the big improvers.
  2. Top issue was climate changed followed by the economy. Last survey it was the other way around.
  3. 50% of our sample approved of Kevin Rudd while 36% disapproved.
  4. 25% of our sample approved of Malcolm Turnbull while 46% disapproved. Turnbull had a 56% disapproval figure three months ago, so this is a strong improvement.
  5. Rudd was preferred as PM by 65% while Turnbull by 23%. This was identical to last survey.
  6. 49% of respondents thought that the country was heading in the right direction, while 36% disagreed.
  7. 63% thought their personal situation was heading in the right direction while only 16% disagreed. This is substantially more optimistic than 12 months ago.

The global financial crisis has almost been forgotten and voters are also less concerned about health and education. Dry and hot weather conditions on the east coast, and the impending Copenhagen summit on climate change are undoubtedly affecting the ranking of climate change.

To sum up, voters appear to be relaxed and comfortable about themselves, but still a little edgy about the country while they're a little more forgiving of Malcolm Turnbull than they were. There is also some movement around the edges with the National Party appearing to gain some support.

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