October Omnibus quants.

While Julia Gillard apparently has a lead over Tony Abbott in the approval and preferred PM stakes, that doesn't hold true on our sample where popularity is more or less even. However, there is a strong deficit on the question of whether the country is heading in the right direction, reputedly a predictor of whether the government can win an election or not.

Thinking about Australia would you agree or disagree that the country is heading in the right direction?




Direction Total
Strongly agree 9%
Agree 26%
Neither agree nor disagree 11%
Disagree 21%
Strongly disagree 31%
Unsure 1%
Grand Total 100%
Total agree 35%
Total disagree 52%
Net agree -17%

Thinking about Julia Gillard as Prime Minister, how strongly do you approve or disapprove of the job that she is doing?

Gillard_Approve Total
Strongly approve 17%
Approve 24%
Neither approve nor disapprove 8%
Disapprove 9%
Strongly disapprove 43%
Unsure 0%
Grand Total 100%
Total approve 41%
Total disapprove 51%
Net approve -11%

Thinking about Tony Abbott as Leader of the Opposition, how strongly do you approve or disapprove of the job that he is doing?

Abbott_Appove Total
Strongly approve 16%
Approve 22%
Neither approve nor disapprove 8%
Disapprove 9%
Strongly disapprove 44%
Unsure 0%
Grand Total 100%
Total approve 39%
Total disapprove 53%
Net approve -14%


Who is your preferred Prime Minister?

Preferred_PM Total
Julia Gillard 49%
Tony Abbott 46%
Unsure 4%
Grand Total 100%


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+3 #1 RE: October Omnibus quants.Mick 2012-10-27 16:17
With the current leadership, I think we are going around in ever decreasing circles.

If the other mob got in, we would continue in ever decreasing circles, but in the opposite direction.

Both sides, and leaders, really are an embarrassment.

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+3 #2 RE: October Omnibus quants.Ross 2012-10-27 17:49
Some of your questions Graham can at first glance seem a bit ambiguous.eg "Thinking about Australia do you agree or disagree that Australia is headed in the right direction."

I'd break this into two sentences.eg Thinking about Australia,we are headed in the right direction. Agree or disagree.

The only options left for Labor is lots of bribes at the next election for which we will take on more debt.

At least 35% of the public are totally ignorant of economic realities.They seem to make no connection between the taxes they pay and the debt our Govt takes on.That is the sad and frustrating fact and our pollies know it.
+1 #3 RE: October Omnibus quants.Jolly 2012-10-28 00:25
A treacherous Gillard and an ultra right Abbott are not the type of PMs Australia needs. Both do not have much traction with the people. What is even worse is that with the current Labor, we may have to continue to submit to union thuggery. Elect Gillard and we also reward the likes of Arbib, Bitar, Shorten, Swan et al who 'assassinated' a sitting PM. Where is Turnbull? How blind and deaf can the Liberal party be? With Turnbull this country has a chance to win a landslide victory and the formation of a majority government. Gillard killed Labor!! This will never be forgotten.
0 #4 RE: October Omnibus quants.Ross 2012-10-28 06:23
Jolly ,Malcolm Turnbull wants the CO2 tax and the ETS and that will kill our economy.Turnbul l is closely aligned with the banking industry and it controls just about everything.

It is a matter of the lesser of two evils and unless we become more aware and pro-active,our pollies too, will bring in austerity to appease the elites who rule us.They want us in more debt so we become like Greece.

It is the same in the USA.There is very little difference between Obama and Romney.They are backing Romney now because he is more likely to appease Israel and attack Iran.
+1 #5 RE: October Omnibus quants.Lorikeet 2012-10-31 06:35
When the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader are neck and neck in the polls, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that the voting public doesn't want either of them. :lol:
0 #6 RE: October Omnibus quants.ANN 2012-11-06 05:56
Ross is right, so many people are ignorant about the economy and politics. In this group are also the people who support Julia Gillard simply because she is a woman.

I also hear people combining the debt Australia owes, and the coming so called Budget Surplus. They think that if we have a surplus next May the billions of dollars we owe will have been paid off !!!!!!!

Malcolm Turnbull might be a successful business man and appear "regal" BUT from a political point of view he has been rather naive. From what I hear, he hadn't learnt how to work the party room. Remember the Godwin Grech fiasco? Also he would NEVER have been able to stand up to Labor which Tony Abbott has done most successfully.
+1 #7 RE: October Omnibus quants.Angus Black 2012-11-06 09:40
It amazes me that people seem to have fallen hook, line and sinker for the Labor propagandists' line that Tony Abbott is "extreme".

It just does not seem that way to me at all. I see and ordinary Aussie guy, sport mad, charitable and decent.

Perhaps it is the liberal idea that the primary unit of concern should be the individual rather than the "collective" that upsets people.

Democracy, freedom of speech and, to the maximum extent compatible with the absence of anarchy, freedom of action are, for me, appropriate social ideals.

Gillard is far more extreme in her views than is Abbott - being not only collectivist (which is fair enough for a Labor person) but also seeming to have fully internalised the other Fabian touchstone that the (self-defined) "intellectual elite" should herd and control the rest of us ... for our own good (presumably). I couldn't bring myself to vote knowingly for the arrogant pseudo-intellec tual wannabe-dictato rs.
+2 #8 RE: October Omnibus quants.Jeff Kevin 2012-11-06 12:39
Gillard versus Abbott is a no brain[er] for one very important reason. Abbott is lazy. He isn't across portfolios, he doesn't read his briefs carefully (if at all) and doesn't understand economics, which is essential. The PM on the other hand is fully across her workload, understands the job and gets it done.