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The things that people like about Anthony Albanese are that he is genuine, honest, loyal, a good negotiator and performer and represents the Labor culture. He isn’t heavily union aligned and doesn’t have baggage.

Supporters of Shorten think he is smarter, like his union background, and use words like “communicator”, “savvy”. Responses tend to concentrate not so much on who he is, but on what he does

The table below show the concepts most likely to be associated with each man

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If Australian politics is still about the "trust deficit" then Albanese would seem to be the better of the two men to prosecute the argument. Not that one should get carried away with the ratings of Albanese as honest, genuine and trustworthy. When you examine the comments these qualities are mentioned in the context of Bill Shorten who is regarded as being less trustworthy and honest.

Respondents say things like:

Albanese seems more genuine and sincere. Shorten comes across as extremely wooden, with too much media training and not enough of the human behind the media trained front.

He seems to be genuine and capable. Shorten is fine and perfectly suited, but I think his motives are less sincere.

Don't trust Shorten. He would be on the nose with the public, too tied to leadership instability.

The map below has been generated by Leximancer. It gives you a more three dimensional view of how the various concepts mesh together.

For example, Liberal voters are more likely to be rating Albanese on honesty and trust, while Greens voters focus more on relationships with business.

Leximancer Leadership Thumb

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