Colouring in the Queensland economy

Views on the economy are confirmed from the qual as being strongly coloured by someone's voting intentions. The first map is of responses to whether the Queensland economy is strong or not. At the top we have those who believe the economy is strong, and the concepts that they use most frequently have to do with Campbell Newman and the LNP, and not believing them. These people are most likely to be ALP, or Katter voters.

At the other end of the map Labor also gets a mention, but so do questions of government debt and problems for business and businesses. The mining boom is also mentioned, mostly in this context because respondents think it has probably passed. Respondents here are most likely to be LNP.

In the middle are those who think the economy is either very strong, or neither strong nor weak. They talk about the public service, confidence and jobs.

Newman will lose a lot of ground if he loses the confidence of Katter voters, who tend to favour the LNP, but are prepared to swing. They represent blue collar conservative voters, who were the same voters who tossed Wayne Goss from office. They were also a significant part of John Howard's majority.

Queensland Economy Strength 12 09 07


The map below is of responses to the question as to whether people thought their personal finances strong or not. Responses tell you something about the socio-demographics of the various blocs. Greens and ALP voters seem to be mostly in traditional jobs and are concerned about pay, work and mortgages. They mostly seem to be doing well. Those whose personal finances are very weak are concerned about savings, investments and superannuation, suggesting they are either retired, or soon to be there. Just below them you get concerns about business, the government and costs. This is where the LNP voters are most likely to be found, suggesting more of a business background.

 Queensland Personal Finances Strength 12 09 07


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