Support for densification

If all politics is local there is nothing more local, or political, than a rezoning application in a residential area, particularly if it leads to higher density. Hearing Cr Helen Abrahams early last week arguing against a high rise development in West End I decided it was a subject worth polling.

Not the specific project, but higher density in general.

The results of the poll surprised me - urban density is not the divisive issue that it was.

I remember in 1994 the Liberal Party ran a Brisbane City Council campaign against "Soorley's Sardine City" in response to public opinion. The campaign wasn't successful, but the Liberal team got a better vote than they would have otherwise. Things have moved on.

Support Urban Density

While total support is just below 50%, total opposition is only 28%. Greens are the strongest supporters, followed by Labor and then by LNP. The Australian Party is the only one where respondents are opposed.

I wondered whether this was a city country divide, so I have produced the same figures dissected by the region in which they live.

Support Urban Density Area

Rural areas (by which I mean non-urban and non-south east, say somewhere like Longreach or Normanton) are the only ones registering overall opposition. Residents on the Sunshine Coast are also not overly enthusiastic, but still in favour.

It looks like urban density is here to stay and attitudes have changed markedly since the mid-90s.

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